Saturday, December 7, 2013

OK actually this is how you get welcomed to Wyoming…

Warnig, these pictures are graphic, gross, disgusting, not for the faint of heart. Read at your own risk.

So the other day I was having friends over for dinner after watching their kids all day since they are my go to babysitters  I wanted to bless them back! I ran to my van which is parked in the garage, but in order to get stuff out of the trunk I have to actually open the garage. I grabbed some soda since we were having company, went to close the door to the trunk, stepped back as I was doing it, and slipped on the ice right outside of my driveway.

My friend Alan who was coming over has had some medical training so he cleaned me up, and said to me that he would not say this unless he was serious, but he really thought that I needed to go put my boots on and go to the ER with him.

I was so mortified. I had made them this great dinner and it was ready and waiting and then THIS happened. I just felt terrible. So I thought real quick that with it being 530 both my kids and he and Annie’s kids (she was at my house too, taking care of the 5 little ones –all under 7- while Alan and I were going through this… Anyway I realized both sets of kids would need to go to bed soon. So Alan would be needed to put his kids to bed, then Annie could stay at my house and put MY kids away.

Did I mention my husband was flying that night and not reachable at this point???

So my blessed neighbor took me to the ER and sat with me a good 2 hrs before she had to go home to take care of HER baby. I assured her I would get into contact with John and it was no problem but she felt sooo bad. But you know how ER’s are!!!

Anyway, to the good stuff, here are a couple of pics I took in the waiting room of the ER
photo 1
So there is a line of a cut, but then inside of part of that cut there is a big hole where it actually goes down to bone.
photo 2
A while later I was finally seen by a doc, and John got to the ER, and they decided to try the glue that holds cuts together. After a little while though the hole opened back up and I ended up with stitches. This pic is right after the stitches.
photo 4
I realized that I had hit my head pretty hard, and that I had sliced open my nose, but I just felt like I was in more pain than I really should be… but I was not sure why. The next morning I woke up to this scene…
photo 11
So I rushed into my primary care doctor on base and had him see me. He was going to give me a stitch but since it is in such a scar prone area, he wanted to try the glue and tapig it for about a week and hoping it would close all parts of it.
photo 33

I was still in more head pain than I really thought I should be though, so he sent me to optometry (sometimes being seen on base can be VERY convenient because everything is right there. My left eye was also watering just randomly and it really hurt so I was a little cocerned.

After seeing the optometrist, he realized somehow in the injury of it all I tore my cornea and he had to put in numbing drops and basically a band-aid contact (it was either that or tape the eye shut and then have a pirate patch for a while, I choose the contact)

So I was just a mess. I guess I have learned my lesson though and will be more careful in this Wyoming winter. Though the very next day I slipped on ice in a parking lot and tore up my knee, thankfully I did not have the kids with me!!
photo 44
Us southern girls have to get used to this kind of weather!!!!!!!!
I am so thankful for friends and neighbors who were willing to help, no questions asked. They all just did what was needed to be done and made sure I was ok.
And as a bonus Annie and Alan still ate at my house and then even cleaned it all up!!!

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