Sunday, December 1, 2013

Some photos of the boys!

Super Grey!!!!

Playing with light sticks from Mawsey

One of my favorite things about Greyson is that he will keep any hat you put on him on! Most little people take them right off but I think he feels pretty cool with hats on!
Here we went from super happy super cute Grey….
To Mommy pulled me out of my high chair and my finger was stuck and blood got everywhere Grey. It was quite traumatic!

But after some cuddles and duct taping a mitten on his hand, he was all smiles again!!!
Brotherly love in Mommy’s favorite chair!!!
And their Halloween Costumes.
Owen was a Thomas the train Guy…
And Grey would not stay still long enough for a good photo, but he was a little dinosaur! 1465227_10101137818864228_591884679_n
We are so blessed to have such wonderful kids!!!

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