Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Life Lately

I have done a pretty good job at posting tons of photos, but I have not really talked about out lives lately. After a few hick-ups we have settled really well into Wyoming. I am so surprised to be saying this, but I actually LOVE it here. I thought I would hate the snow and not really acclimate well  but I have.

It is no surprise to wake up to another 3 inches of snow each morning, but the town takes care of things well, it is not a big deal. If this was Virginia (my home state) things would be shut down all winter! It is also no big deal to look at the weather on my phone in the morning and it say the windchill is in the negative 20's or 30's. I had no idea how cold that was until I got here- it is COLD!!!!!!

The kids love it here. They both love playing in the snow and just watching it come down. Unfortunately a lot of the time it is just too cold to send them outside to play so we sometimes bring a bit of snow inside on a tray and they play cars in it. It is a great snowy day activity!

Speaking of the kids they are doing great. In just a couple of weeks Owen will be 5. I absolutely can not believe it! Wasn't he just a tiny little baby???? He has asked for a small construction theme birthday party. He is excited.

Grey is getting huge as well. He is now 19 months and is as active as ever. He is starting to talk by saying thankyou, please, milk, night night, etc.

We have decided we are definitely done having children so no worries of more babies here. My pregnancies are just too traumatic to deal with when I have TWO children! I am so blessed with the two that I have, so I am not upset at all. People always ask if im going to try for that girl- but honestly i have no idea what I would do with a girl. I just love my boys.

A  lot of my friends are pregnant or just had a baby so I will get  my baby fix from them!!!!

That is the update on us. Honestly I have no idea if anyone reads this blog anymore (so i would love a comment if you do) but I still enjoy documenting things so that I can go back later and remember where we were at a certain time! :)


Alison T. said...

I read :)
Love that you're loving this part of the country!
And love seeing pics of the boys - they are dolls and you make me even MORE excited to be having a boy of my own soon!!!!! Hope once the weather is more enjoyable we can meet up!!!

~Me said...

I still read it!!