Thursday, February 20, 2014

My Meal Planning Method

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I have a new method for meal planning I am really excited about. This hangs on the wall in my kitchen so that we always know what is for dinner. I do mine for two weeks at a time because that is how I try to grocery shop.
To make this great board you just take a picture frame (mine was 12x12) and put any kind of scrapbook paper behind the glass that you like. I first wrote on the scrapbook paper the days of the week so they would always be there. Once you assemble your picture frame just take a dry erase marker and fill in your meal planning. I have been doing this for a few weeks and it makes my life easier.
Once I decide what I want to eat for the two weeks I use this grocery list below for marking off each ingredient I need to get at the grocery store. Some things, like fresh veggies, I will have to get in the middle, but I try to shop only every 2 weeks as much as I can. Grocery List | Organizing Homelife
You can get this printable from Organized Home Life. If you like them on facebook you get to download it for free! Here is the link:
This has become such a great way to meal plan for me and I hope you try it as well!
Tomorrow I will post some links to the recipes I will be using.


Alison T. said...

Is this for lunch and dinners? I need some insane help on meal planning, thanks for posting this!

Amy's Avenue Blog! said...

Alison, i just do dinner and we kind of wing lunch each day!