Saturday, February 15, 2014

Nail Biting

I have always been a crazy nail biter. Since I was a small child I can remember biting my nails. Well the other day, Saturday February 8, 2014 I stopped biting my nails cold turkey. I am typing this out so that I have accountability. I got some pretty mauve nail polish which deters me from biting and I am hoping this works!

I am always so embarrassed when people look at my nails that I bite down to the nubber. I always have bit my nails when I am anxious or even just bored. I have stopped biting a few times throughout the years but have only lasted a month or so each time- then something stressful has come up and I have stopped. So I am telling myself and the blog world that this is it!!!! I'm going to continue not to bite and I know it will make me much happier!

I hope I can continue this! I would love to eventually have nails that look like this...


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