Monday, February 10, 2014

Ski Weekend!

A few weeks ago we went skiing for the first time (well John grew up skiing but I had never been) at Keystone in Colorado. We went with out good friends Chris and Ashley and their daughter Olivia.


It was about a 3 hour drive so I spent some time trying to look the ski gal look! 14813_10101261566817338_16936495_n


The beautiful view on the way! How amazing is this?






While John attempted to teach me to snow Ashley and Chris took Greyson to play in some fun kids areas. Owen was in ski school all day and he did GREAT!!!!




When it comes to ME learning to ski… well that was bad. I probably made it about 20 feet, I fell 3 times, I cried, and then I was done. But I still had fun!



A family pic minus Owen because he was in Ski School


We hardly ever get a photo of just John and I!



Owen and Olivia playing in the snow.



Greyson enjoying the gondola ride!


Even though I was terrible I would definitely go again, probably not to ski, but I enjoyed the lodge, playing with the kids, and just having ski town fun!!!!

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