Sunday, August 10, 2014

Week 2 in photos- August 3- August 6 (partial week)

Ok so the title of this post is a little misleading! But as I was doing this post the photos from especially Friday the 8th got to be VERY VERY overwhelming. So instead of doing photos for the whole week, I am going to break this week up into two different posts. Plus- I am working on this on Sunday the 10th  but I need to wait to get some photos back from my in-laws because they are currently with the boys camping!

Sunday August 3, 2014

These photos were actually from a project Owen did YESTERDAY at Home Depot. But he just got it all dry and the stickers finished so the photos happened today. He made this adorable pencil case and he is super proud of himself! 

Owen actually decided to give this to Pop-Pop for his basement which is so sweet! 

Owen and Grey both got the cutest smocks for the project! 

I  just snuck in and watched both of my boys sleep for a few minutes. I am just amazed at how much I truly love them. I am so incredibly thankful for both of them and I know how blessed I am to have them in my life!

Grey has really started sleeping with A LOT of animals/ babies and blankets! 

Owen sleeping with "Joey", Baby Bear and Piper Dog

August 4, 2014

Grey being silly in a laundry basket

I got to do my niece Evie's hair this morning! Super fun for a "boy mom"! 

Oh how I have missed Philadelphia Pizza!!! 

My boys love Philly pizza too!!! This is Daddy's favorite kind- Sicilian! 

August 5, 2014 

Greyson + ice cream! 

Helping Pop-Pop do some work on the bathroom 

Owen took this nice picture of me this morning 

Family Shot 

Owen and I doing our nightly devotions! 

August 6, 2014

Someone is beginning to really potty train!!!! 

Milkshakes with MomMom! 

Grey got his first bee sting!!! You can see his right chin/cheek is swollen! 

Uncle Nate with Grey and cousin Mila! 

I had the pleasure of having dinner with some old work friends from when I was a preschool teacher (2003-2005!) It was a super fun reunion!

This is my friend Doni and me! 

With Traci and Susan! 
It was a very nice (half) week! I am having a great time here in PA and I know the boys are too!!!!

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