Monday, January 6, 2014

My favorite secret Christmas present!



My husband is SO HARD to purchase things for. Each Christmas we both make wish lists which I stick to, but I like to add in something meaningful as well that he does not know about. But he is seriously the hardest person to 1. surprise, and 2. just to purchase things for.

I was browsing ETSY and found this amazing shop that makes custom handmade signs for your home with airplane (or helicopter) paintings.

Laura at iheartflyboys(click on to be taken to her site) was SO EASY to work with. Poor girl had to deal with me changing my mind on things about 10 times before I finally decided on this which I am so happy about.  She was so willing to work with me though and made the process so easy!

Her products are a great way to show your military and family pride! Completely customizable with your own choice of colors, font, name, and plane- a great gift for graduation, weddings, or just to have around your own home! Each sign can be stored inside or out for your neighbors, family, or friends to see an enjoy! The sign is 20x12 inches.

And how fun is this… Laura and I have mutual friends in the military community. So now I can call her a friend as well!!!


I just love how this turned out, and John WAS surprised! I am already thinking of other signs to make! Check out Laura’s shop! We put this one in our entry way where we hang our coats and such! I just love how it turned out!


Disclaimer- I did not receive any compensation or free items to mention her shop. I just think her products rock so I wanted to blog about it! Smile

Friday, January 3, 2014

Merry Christmas!!!!!

This year we celebrated our first Christmas in Wyoming. It was a low key day with just our family of 4 which was perfect! We had time to really celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ and to enjoy each gift. We tried to celebrate the moments so we did not get a TON of pictures, but we have some to show.


First, we opened stockings once John read the Christmas story. This was Greyson’s first Christmas that he really enjoyed. When he was 6 months old he could really care less. So it was extra fun seeing him be excited! Here he is showing off his new sock monkey and some toys!


I absolutely love bath products and was super excited to get new ones in my stocking!!!


Owen was happy to get some cookies, cars, airplanes, and special treats in his stocking!


We even had a stocking for Maggie complete with bones and new toys!!! She went to work right away!!!!


The boys comparing stocking presents!!!!


After breakfast we went to opening up the big presents. John was excited to get a new rack for his 4-Wheeler!


Owen opened up a painting kit and then we showed him his new easel. He was pretty excited!!!


I was really excited to get a new IHome player so I can play music off of my ipad or iPhone!


Owen loved giving out the presents to each of us!! He can now read our names so he did a great job!


Showing off some of their toys!!!


For a few months Owen has been asking for a dump truck he sees each time at Sams Club. We left this present for last and caught some cute faces as he was realizing what was beneath the wrapping!!!


He was one happy boy!!!

We had a great Christmas, just the 4 of us. A couple of days later John’s parents flew in to Denver and we spent a few days in Colorado Springs. I will post some fun photos of this later!!! Smile I hope everyone had a blessed Christmas!