Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Advocare 24 Day Challenge Results/ My weight loss journey

***Please read to the end, I posted before and after pictures***

I am know I am super late posting this- but I am so happy to say that I lost 10lbs and many inches doing this plan.It ended a couple of weeks ago and I have lost about 5 more. So 15lbs in the last little over a month. It really did jump-start me (and my husband who lost almost 20lbs) into a healthier lifestyle.

I found the Advocare 24 Day challenge super easy to follow with the easy instructions to follow. They really walk you each step of the way. Included is even meal suggestions on how to get the best results. I also spent a ton of time on Pinterest researching "clean eating" and "Advocare 24 Day Challenge Eating Plans" to look for recipes my whole family would love. It really was a pretty easy process. Probably the easiest thing I did for my body, and I continue to do, is drink a ton of water. During the challenge I really tried to drink a gallon each day. Since then I am drinking about 65oz each day. I find it not only curbs my appetite, but it also makes my skin look better and makes my body feel overall better!

The program  has been over for a couple of weeks now and I am still continuing to lose weight. Like I said before- at least an additional 5-8lbs. I am currently on vacation and I wont weigh myself again until I get back to Wyoming! But I am really really happy with my current size which I have not been able to say in a REALLY long time.

Since November I have lost 35lbs and I am SO SO SO proud of myself!!! I normally would never post a pictures like this of myself- but this is so motivating to me! I do not have a great photo when I was at my heaviest because I avoided the camera as MUCH AS POSSIBLE. Pardon the nose injury in the 2nd picture. I had just gotten stitches after an injury on the Wyoming Ice!

Here are a couple of photos of when I was at my largest.This was last November. Even at the end of November, so I had probably already lost 5 or so pounds. Just seeing this makes me cringe!!! I really had to search hard for these photos because I really avoided the camera during this time. I was so embarrassed about my size!

I gained 40lbs in a very short amount of time- mostly due to a medication I was put on in October. There were some other circumstances sure, but the medication was the main factor. It was given to help with my insomnia but they also give it to anorexic patients to hold onto weight- not a side effect that was discussed with me first. Not a great side effect and after the 28 days on it was DONE!!! Unfortunately the weight did not come off as quickly as it came on!

These pictures (which again I can not believe I am posting!) were taken June 16th the day we began our 24 day challenge. Like I said, I lost at least 10lbs (on this 24 Day Challenege) and MANY more inches. My energy level went way up and I just feel better all around!

And this picture was taken on Sunday July 27, 2014- a couple of days ago. Sorry for the not so great  great quality. My sister in law gave me this amazing bathing suit and I am just really proud of how far I have come!

I am really proud of myself and I can not to lose even more- but mostly I am excited about this healthier lifestyle I have started.

Please let me know if you want any more information!

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